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Textile / Embroidery

Isabel began a career as a machine embroiderer in the early 1970's, when sewing machines that would allow you to "draw" with thread were relatively new. Bernina were the first serious producers of these machines with a "free-stitch" embroidery facility.

Isabel's fascination with textiles, and machine sewing in particular, led to a design career that moved rapidly. There were relatively few exponents of this "new" medium, and Isabel quickly developed a distinctive style of her own.

Beached Boat - Acrylic by Isabel Blincow

Evening Snowfall

Over the next 25 years Isabel pursued a successful career as a textile machine embroiderer, with work in private collections worldwide.

She was a regular exhibitor at The British Craft Show in London, Art in Action at Hatfield House, and at The Tatton Craft Show.

Sadly, she eventually gave up machine work because of neck and shoulder problems.

The Circle of Life in the making The Circle of Life in the making

In 1992, she organised the huge Wall Hanging, until recently housed in the foyer of The Royal Hallamshire Hospital, Sheffield.

This contained 64 squares of machine and hand embroidery, entitled "My Patch" created by members of the public to celebrate The World Student Games.

A second textile project - "Homes and Gardens" - again made up of contributions from members of the public, is housed in various departments of the Northern General Hospital, Sheffield.

Later, a further two large wall hangings, entitled "The Circle of Life", and again made up of contributions from members of the public, were created for the (then) new Maternity Wing of the Jessops Hospital in Sheffield.

Isabel says "Involving members of the public in a joint project is hugely rewarding. Planning is complex, but having the opportunity to harness so much enthusiasm and talent is amazing.".

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