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Hallam Art Group

In 1974, along with another local artist, Eric Gregory, Isabel founded The Hallam Art Group as a Section of The Hallam Community and Youth Association, a local community association which had been founded in 1964, and had eventually built it's own Community Hall in the grounds of Hallam Primary School.

The Group very quickly grew in numbers as local artists took the opportunity to join with their neighbours in the enjoyment of painting. No one set out for the Group to be a teaching vehicle, but simply for members to share their love of art together. Interesting talks and visits were arranged occasionally, and membership continued to grow until the maximum of 70 was reached.

The Group is still very strong at the present time, with a full membership and a short waiting list. Paintings by members of the Group can be seen in Forge Dam Cafe, local Doctors' Surgeries, and the Three Merry Lads Public House at Lodge Moor.

Regular exhibitions are held every

Spring and Autumn in

The Hallam

Community Hall,

and in August at

Sheffield Botanical Gardens

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